Mohawk Artfully Designed

Mohawk Artfully Designed

Mohawk Artfully Designed laminate flooring certainly lives up to its name, as it will bring the natural beauty of real hardwood to your home in a fade-resistant, water-resistant format. Laminate is less prone to scratching, scuffing, cupping, and scraping than traditional hardwood, so fear not if you have busy households with children or pets. The oak replications found in Artfully Designed flooring are incredibly accurate and precise, thanks in large part to improvements in image printing technology that far surpasses the laminate floors of the 1960s. Available in 6.125-inch-wide planks, this collection falls in line with the humble, toned-down styles of traditional oak flooring that has stood the test of time for generations. Take a look at the four colors this laminate flooring collection has to offer to see what fits your design sensibilities best.

Further enhancing the realism of these laminate planks is its look of saw-cut embossing, which provides realistic textured visuals fooling even the sharpest of eyes into thinking Artfully Designed was harvested directly from the forest. Don’t worry, your secret is safe and sound with us.

English Biscotti is definitely the odd one out in terms of color options; the intermediate mid-tone browns and high color variation between planks contrast starkly from the other three grey shades offered in this Mohawk line. Use this shade to bring a warm, inviting, and comfortable atmosphere to your home. The Aged Cabin option, reminiscent of old hideaways deep into the mountains, is ideal for creating a rustic feel to your home décor. Grey Castle has a higher color variation than the former color, as well as a brightness great for more modern design schemes. Try pairing Grey Castle with black leather furnishings and glass tables, or use these floors in the kitchen to draw in available natural light through panoramic windows and skylights. For a darker option, consider the charcoal shade variations in Misty Barn. Portraying aesthetics of old-style construction and time-worn barnwood, we recommend this color for designers who have a soft spot for shabby-chic interiors, and its subtle patina can work well with other motifs as its presentation is soft and subtle, not loud or sharp.

Feel free to give one of our flooring specialists a call to find out more about Mohawk Artfully Designed laminate flooring and helpful design tips to go with it.

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