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The Mohawk American Designer hardwood collection takes a stylish approach to vintage hardwoods. This series takes the charming qualities of antiqued wood and puts a stylish spin on them, giving you a unique aged wood-look. Just because something looks aged doesn’t mean it can’t also look fashionable.

There are 5 vintage colors that ooze with flair. American Designer Fashion Gray is a top contender with its swirling light brown meshed with dark chocolate brown and very subtle hints of smoky gray tones, producing a washed yet tasteful look - this style of hardwood carries its aged look gracefully into a state of elegance that is simply different than most.

Antique Beige is another excellent example. The wood itself is a rich creamy chocolate brown but carries lighter patches of brown meshed with wispy, circular scraping, giving it a gorgeous look. Perfect for heavy lighted areas of a home that have dark colored furniture and décor designs mixed in.

Burnished Caramel dresses the part of burnt caramel fresh out the pot, composed with deep sienna inspired by a fiery glow that is absolutely-radiant. This lightly structured color tone without a doubt will radiate a room with simple joy and produce any area with a natural lighting look that is not only coming from a window, but from the floor itself.

Polished Stone carries a coffee brown appearance with heavy graining that takes the form of flowing water and scrapes appearing in a lightning format, giving you nature nestled style within the grains of hardwood. Most suitable in open areas of a home that incorporate white or any lighter colored tones in the decor to really make the flooring as well as the décor pop with a more intensified color of itself.

Slate Rock wears a solid antiqued appearance with tarnishing coffee brown transitioning into petrified taupe. Relaxed and neutral for a darker color choice. With stains of charcoal and lighter washed browns highlighting the wood, you get gorgeous character from the various workings of brown. Look stunning in kitchens with white painted cabinets and light colored accents of décor.

The elegant Mohawk American Designer collection features a width of 5”, making this a charmingly cozy size of hardwood. The length is random, giving you plenty of flexibility to play with your creative options as you please. Your layout pattern options are endless, leaving you with imaginative possibilities at your fingertips.

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