Aladdin Entrenched

Aladdin Entrenched

Aladdin Entrenched Vinyl Plank

Bolstered by 14 color options, Aladdin Entrenched vinyl plank floors may overwhelm the casual observer. However, a closer look reveals this charming lineup is neatly organized for convenience. A similar theme carries over to the applications, installation and design choices.


There are many factors that influence design concepts. Square footage, accessories and even sun exposure may affect a luxury vinyl floor’s color. Thankfully, designers can reconcile all of these and more from a colorful bounty of options. This spans rustic to modern concepts for an array of living spaces.

Aladdin Entrenched Grand is the darkest and perhaps most luxurious selection. Each of the six-foot long planks appears to have been dunked in espresso for a sumptuous feel. This swarthy coating is beautiful without overshadowing the wood-look grain. Owing to a 4-foot width, patterns commonly seen in tree bark are readily apparent throughout.

In search of a slightly brighter alternative? Turn to Entrenched Park an oak-look visual in bedrooms or even kitchens with wood cabinetry.

Neutral color schemes may turn to Entrenched Flux. The brownish-grey shade expertly alternates wide and narrow grain patterns for an authentic look. For a more rustic appearance, consider Aladdin’s Entrenched Enrich. The look of a barnwood weathered by the elements adds character to living rooms or master bedrooms.

Wood-look vinyl flooring expands design options throughout the home or office. Laundry rooms, basements and entryways are typically after thoughts when it comes to design. High foot traffic and moisture are among the reasons these spaces are often overlooked.

Aladdin waterproof vinyl offers a solution to these issues with stain and wear resistant properties. The tannish-white shades of Entrenched Clean are a viable choice for laundry rooms prone to spills from water or detergent. Similarly, the wind-swept gray of Entrenched Batik is well-suited for front entrances at home or the office.


Simple to install at vertical or horizontal angles thanks to a glueless locking system. Suitable for light to medium commercial applications.

Warranty Information

Whatever color you choose, it’s easy to clean the Mohawk Aladdin lineup. Simply wipe away shoe prints with a soft cloth and soak up spills with a soft-brill mop. A residential and light commercial warranty is added assurance.


An array of color choices with striking aesthetics for multiple design concepts. Much like the entire Aladdin collection, Entrenched vinyl plank floors are waterproof and simple to clean.

Please call us at 510-698-1042 for a quote. From design ideas to questions on specs, our friendly experts are ready to make your transaction seamless.

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