Aladdin Emergent

Aladdin Emergent

Aladdin Emergent Vinyl Plank

Radiant with wood-look visuals. This summarizes just a smidgeon of the appeal that Aladdin Emergent vinyl plank offers. This luxury collection replicates what nature takes years to create with precision craftsmanship and durability. Boasting 11 color choices, Emergent is designed for a variety of spaces.


Discover bright-shades conducive to rooms with large windows and mirrors that allow the planks to showcase various grain patterns. Meanwhile, espresso and chocolate themes from this lineup are popular for vintage-themed spaces.

What’s in a name? Quite a bit when it comes to Emergent vinyl floor colors. For instance, Aladdin Abbey Stone is a whiteish-gray that seems crafted by time. The effects or wind, rain and nature are apparent in the complex grain patterns imbued by Mohawk craftsmen. Similarly, the milk chocolate swirls of Aladdin’s Antiquity offer the appeal of hardwood without the stress.

Either of these choices is prime for open concept rooms that feature various fabrics and furniture types. With a 6-foot plank length, any color selection will add depth to rooms of all sizes. Moreover, a 48-inch width puts the wood and stone look visuals on full display.

Garden Wall is among the neutral colors available in the Emergent roster. Resembling neutral-gray stones, wooden chairs and tables further elicit the natural charms of this color. For a radiant alternative, Flax Straw mimics the effects of spacious fields or corn and wheat basking in sunshine. The tannish appearance pairs nicely with leather couches or even kitchens with wood cabinets and granite counters.

Dark chocolate swirled to perfection, otherwise known as Aladdin vinyl’s Emergent Split Rail. Resembling a luxury hardwood, this is a sumptuous option for rooms with mahogany wood and leather. Coffee with a splash of cream best summarizes the closely related Stone Brown. On the java-inspired theme, the aptly named Mocha Accent lies in between for a trio of neutral shades to match any project.


An exclusive glueless locking system facilitates installation at different angles. This allows flooring contractors and home builders to customize based on the space. Less hassles and a faster process help projects of all square footages stay on schedule.

Warranty Information

Mohawk Floors offers a residential and light commercial warranty. The warranty’s specs vary based on the wear layer and thickness of your new floors.
Staining, water damage and wear resistance are among the items protected. The warranty also covers manufacturing defects for added assurance.


The 11 color choices are versatile and charming. Easy to install at horizontal or vertical angles. Mimics premium materials such as hardwood and stone. Easy to care for a maintain.
Quality Flooring 4 Less make it easy to order Emergent or any of the new vinyl floors from Mohawk Aladdin. We feature personal support for design ideas, questions on specs and other needs.

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