Mirage Wooow Tile

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Mirage Wooow collection is an elegant resemblance of fabric on porcelain tile, portraying a modern minimalist style through these gorgeous color palettes and textures. The irresistible natural linen look depicted by these surfaces is a representation of how simplicity in visuals creates the most powerful design statement out there. Your wall and floor surfaces are now your best aid for transforming the spaces around you into examples of innovation and originality.

Reinvent everything you know about interior design through four hues, two sizes, and an array of possibilities. Their Biscuit tonality introduces us to this exquisite color selection through a stunning brandy rose brown, incorporating a subtle combination of tans mixed with light rosewood accents throughout. If striving for white, you cannot miss their Cotton option, consisting of a scale of cool grays, and sophisticated shades of beige. Their Linium, on the other hand, takes us back to the stylish taupes, presenting us with a smoother transition among those grays and browns spreading this combination across through the typical horizontal orientation found in this fabrique tile compilation. And for those who know that keeping it gray sometimes means keeping it classy, their choice Silver is here as an authentic stainless steel resemblance ideal for more modern eclectic spaces wanting their surfaces to scream the words “contemporary” and “innovative”. And if you feel like all of these characteristics apply to you and your taste in design, then take into consideration the possibility of mixing and matching these pieces according to your most definitive and unique theme and style of preference!

The sizes offered by this collection include a traditional 24” x 24” dimension popular in your most classic interiors, as well as the versatility of rectangularity shown through their smaller 12” x 24” size. Suitable for the most exclusive master suite, as well as for stunning commercial offices, this is a concept impossible to ignore. The product integrates a 9 mm thickness capable of receiving high rates of traffic on a daily basis while still looking fabulously impeccable. Don’t conform. Choose this proudly made in the USA compilation, Mirage Wooow Tile.

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