Mirage Triboo

Mirage Triboo Tile

Mirage Triboo ceramic tiles enhance the appearance of residences and commercial properties with their contemporary natural stone beauty. Inspired by nature each tile is manufactured to contain fine details that will leave you convinced they were forged by earth’s strongest forces over eons of time.

Mesmerizing and smooth, style is found embedded in the essence of every shade of Mirage Triboo. Each tile in the collection contains rich undertones with satisfying variations that differ based on the color of choice. Offering something for everyone, this robust collection is sure to enthrall and excite fans of natural and inspired looking tile flooring.

Four elegant selections are available to choose from including: Shell, Barley, Smoke, and Carbon. Attractive both as singular color selections or mixed and matched, you simply cannot err with this stunning neutral palette. Triboo Shell, the lightest shade, is chic with tightly packed and flowing striations. Barley has a slightly wilder feel with distinctive marbling in a mixture of flaxen hues. Smoke billows upward like a gray mist solidified into a fine stone. Triboo Carbon, the darkest option, is filled with deep gray ribbed with inky black marble movement. Sleek and enigmatic, this handsome tile is perfect for the penthouse home of a billionaire bachelor or an upscale spa. Regardless of the venue, this tile selection will please the eye and add touch of class.

Mirage Triboo ceramic tiles are available in 6”x24” or 9”x36” strips and traditional 12”x24” rectangular tiles. Marble-esque accents afford a fresh, bold look that is far from boring and cause your interiors to leave a lasting positive impression on anyone who visits. Durable and easily maintained, these tiles represent an excellent investment in the lasting appeal of your space. No matter the size or shade, this collection’s combination of both daring and delightful tones and shades is sure to liven up spaces both residential and commercial.

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