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Mirage Oxy Tile Flooring definitely lives up to its name when it comes to sumptuous mystic and utter brilliance. The capricious blends of chalky, metallic highlights gives this tile collection a thrilling and chic look that spreads its mystique throughout any room in a residential or commercial property. With over seven colors to choose from, Mirage Oxy Tile Flooring pleases on every level.

Equipped with a growing audience, Mirage Oxy Greige is notably the most popular color in the collection with waves of gray and watery undertones of glassy white. Another show stopper within the collection is Oxy Graphite and for a multitude of reasons. Graphite is like a wet canvass with splashes of gray, black, and tinges of white in a dreary yet scrumptious combination that look like the early paintings of Picasso.

Each tile flooring looks like a piece of art, but perhaps no other color in this collection is as breathtakingly unique as Mirage Oxy’s Deepgrey. For many reasons, this color is a fan favorite. Like waves of a paint brush gently and meticulously stroking the bare canvass, Mirage Oxy Deepgrey manages to possess the eyes with its ashy grey color and strokes of white undertones hidden so cleverly within each square inch of gloriousness.

Whether they are uber popular crowd pleasers like Mirage Oxy’s Deepgrey, Greige, or Graphite, this selection of tile offers something for everyone. Other crowd pleasing colors include; the glossy Oxy Blackmore, ethereal Oxy Bright Grey, Oxy Royalwhite, modern Oxy Cornsilk, upscale Oxy Horn, and stunning Oxy Warm Brown. The colors only highlight the sheer gorgeousness of an intriguing tile flooring that is as gorgeous to look at as it is timeless. Choose from size 12 x 24 or 18 x 18. With so many rare and stunning colors and shades, Mirage Oxy Tile Flooring will no longer be a mirage, but a beautiful reality for any home or business property.

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