Mirage Lock Hardwood

Mirage Lock Hardwood
Mirage Lock Hardwood is all about easy installation without any mess. Real hardwood boards with a high density fiber core is used in this style of hardwood which means you dont need to sacrifice beauty or durability in order to get hardwood flooring that will give you next to no fuss to use. With the RightLoc technology, boards just interlock together with a snap.

All traditional colors of hardwood are available with this easy installation technology, though keep your eye out for popular colors such as Mirage Lock Hardwood Red Oak Graphite which is a dark brown hardwood bordering on grey flooring rich with deep graining and beauty. Maple Graphite is another great option, taking a clean and smooth approach to dark hardwood in comparison to the Red Oak counterpart. This hardwood does not embellish on any graining process, just boasting smooth and clean dark brown and grey hardwood planks. If exotic is more your speed, check out African Mahogany Brass, which is a rich brown hue with slight red hints. There are also the dark counterparts to this color with African Mahogany Henna and African Mahogany Onyx, both boasting their black coffee colors though Onyx is the closest natural looking color youll get to black.

Size of Mirage Lock Hardwood is the perfect width of 4 5/16 which appears to be the popular size that is currently trending with customers. To summarize, it's perfect for the DIY person or if you are on a concrete subfloor.
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