Mirage Admiration Hickory

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Mirage Admiration Engineered Hickory hardwood flooring provides a remarkably durable surface, which surpasses many other hardwoods available when it comes to the Janka hardness rating. As most hickory hardwood scales consistently over 1800 on this scale, this Mirage collection can be installed in environments where other hardwoods would dent and scratch more easily. In addition to its inherent hardness, the Engineered Hickory line can be installed below grade, as it is less prone to moisture issues and shifting. Whether you need to refurbish your basement, kitchen, or living room, Mirage Engineered Hickory hardwood is an excellent flooring choice to combine durability, functionality, and style.

Mirage Engineered Hickory is available in two sizes and three colors to more closely fit your personal design specifications. The overall look of hickory tends to be rustic and traditional, but the 6 ½ wide planks fit well in contemporary settings as well. You can also choose 5 wide planks for more subdued visuals. Each of the three colors is available in either a matte or semi-gloss finish, which can make the difference between rustic and more up-to-date appearances. One of our favorite options is the Admiration Sierra shade, as it reflects an intermediate glowing amber brown for a warm, inviting atmosphere. For a dustier, more rustic aesthetic, we recommend the Admiration Greystone option. Replete with knotholes and subtle shades of grey, burgundy, and ash, you can turn any home into one that looks like a secluded mountain retreat. For a dark, traditional brown, Admiration Savanna is a great choice.

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