Mirage Creek Tile

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Mirage Creek is a line of ceramic tile providing a warmer and more traditional look to your residential and commercial interiors through a gorgeous diversity in neutrals and grays, as well as incredibly unique massing accurately resembling the natural wood or stone of your choice. Yes, that’s right! There is no longer a need to decide. This collection has given us all of the tools needed to achieve an elegant and organic look of your material of preference through a fabulous blending facility rarely seen before. Three colors, one compilation, and endless possibilities to personalize your home with an exquisitely traditional look able to be enjoyed by current and future generations.

The collection’s color palette is being introduced by their beautiful Kilauea, a combination of linen and bone white, with a few touches of silver fox gray and golden accents. Followed by these last accentuations is Augustine, which takes this tawny brown as its background, while integrating more of those cooler thunder and smoke ember grays. And talking about gray, let’s talk about their Sant’elena selection, which incorporates just that with the addition of another scale of contrasting tobacco browns and lighter beiges. These three magical combinations are meant to be blent together in any interior and exterior space, either through floor or wall surfaces.

The variation in size is another aspect of interest when referring to this collection, presenting your simple square size of 12” x 12”, and more versatile shapes for those who are currently feeling adventurous. For inventive users like yourself, these surfaces are also available in a smaller 6” x 12”, escalating to a medium size of 12” x 24” and a wider 8” x 40”, which can be incorporated into horizontally oriented surfaces to achieve a more mid-century modern look that both traditionalists and modernists will adore.

Proudly made in the USA, this collection is making ‘you’ the designer of your own interior spaces, by allowing you to mix and match your favorite neutral hues and sizes, as well as blending accordingly to your style and material look of preference. This is it. It’s time to make your design ideas and dreams come true through Mirage Creek.

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