Mediterranea Bayside

Mediterranea Bayside
Mediterranea Bayside tile combines open, airy feel of a bayside condominium with the refinement of marbled tile. In this collection you will find the replicated structural details of authentic marble with the cost-effective durability of porcelain tile. Thanks to Dynamic HD Imaging technology, you will see the beautiful swirling striations of marble in every mineral detail. Remarkably realistic in every possible way, you will be sure your home has been turned into a waterfront mansion of the rich and famous.

Ranging from neutral deep brown to pearlescent white, this line of tiles is sure to fit a variety of design styles. Bayside Camel, eggshell and sandy taupe, is perfect for bringing additional sunlight into your living space. Light tan, like the dunes of an ancient beach lithified into a gorgeous marble by geological forces, these sophisticated tiles are sure to bring the sun indoors. Pewter is silvery grey the shores of Nova Scotia on a cool coastal summer overhung by misty clouds. This option is dramatic with a cooling effect.

Bayside Pearl is a pure slice of an ethereal realm, they shine like ivory stone clouds in an endless blue sky. This tile is remarkably versatile and fits well in both classical executive settings and modern minimalist. Tobacco is a smoky brown, with creamy swirls of smoke-like tendrils in its marble façade. Mediterranea Bayside Tile is available in standard plank size 8””x48”, large, rectangular 12”x24”, square 12” x 12” and mosaic forms.

All four color options are represented in each size, providing diversity in design selection to fit your specific needs. To finish your perfect bayside flooring, bullnose accents are available in size 3”x24”. Contemporary to traditional, light tans to dark grey and everything in between, this collection has something to offer every interior space built to last and filled with timeless beauty at the right price.
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