Mediterranea Savanna

Mediterranea Savanna
Mediterranea Savanna Wood-Look Porcelain Tile Flooring draws inspiration from the precious Savanna Ecosystem where quiet grassy fields and volumes of wildlife, and the most gorgeous scenes in nature can be found. The holes in the trees let natural light in, making wood tones and textures that invigorate in a natural beauty highly sought in a wide range of design undertakings.

This collection is made exclusively in 9x36 inch tile pieces a large-format size that shines the spotlight on the beautiful unidirectional wood-grain patterns and elegant and multifaceted shading that create the look of authentic wood taken from trees while preventing the murder of any more trees (after all, where would the Keebler Elves live?). The collection is manufactured using the brand's trademarked Dynamic HD Imaging inkjet technology, and comes in a four-shade palette that marvelously reanimates the organic hues found in these treasured environments. Made with 60 percent recycled materials, creators of this collection drew from offerings from the four corners of North America and produced an unmatched collection of fine wood-effect porcelain tile. This surely isn't a new concept as many have tried to roll out products that imitate wood but the difference with this series is 21st century technology was fused with high-end design properties. The series comes in four shades, beginning with Savanna Smoke, a mixture of browns and subtle ash-grey undertones. Savanna Saddle livens up a bit with a more vibrant, medium brown with reddish, sweeping undertones. In Savanna Oak, the ashy undertones make another appearance, this time with a lighter shade of brown, and finally in Savanna Linen, a light brown and less subtle ash grey are blended.

Rounding out this gorgeous and groundbreaking collection flooring made in the USA bullnose pieces are also available in the Mediterranea Savanna Porcelain Tile Collection. This series offers an immaculate wood look effect that has never been seen before, with the durability of tile that will make your floors last for a very long time.

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