Mediterranea Precious Stones

Mediterranea Precious Stones
The Mediterranea Precious Stones collection boasts of being the best of the best only the finest stones from Italy; the best of the best. These natural stones showcase the ideal features in stones: the best colors, the veining, and consistency. These are Mother Natures most prized stones and as such, they are sure to stun. If youre looking for a way to really give your contemporary space something special, this is the flooring for you.

To fit any taste, this tile collection comes in two highly beautiful blends. There is the Mediterranea Precious Stones Tuscan Blend, which is a harmonious union of greys, browns, and red clay colored tinges. Each slab offers a beautiful design be it color streaking or color spotting. The colors flow and mingle and produce a fantastic works of art. The Venetian Blend is a focus on greys with hints of browns. Light greys and dark greys are the dominant hues that fade into each other throughout the slab. They streak, they splatter, they stain the tile with their beauty. Hints of brown can be found mixed into the grey harmonious design.

The Mediterranea Precious Stones collection is available in 4 sizes, making it versatile enough for floors, counters, or walls. There is the large, contemporary format of 12x24 which will really show off each tiles individual beauty and will do well in residential or commercial spaces. There is also the large traditional format of 12x12 for those that like the traditional look of square tiles in their space. Then there is the smaller traditional size of 6x6 which is great for walls or countertops. With many tiles of this size working together, the final result will be a magnificent artist piece using the beauty of many tiles working together. The same can be said for the smaller contemporary format of 3x6. This tile would be especially excellent for countertops and focusing on the united beauty of all the tile pieces working together. To complete the look, there is a mosaic option coming with 2x2 pieces to add a beautiful accent to your project. There is also a 3x12 Bullnose tool to help you finish your look with elegance and style.
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