Mediterranea Flow

Mediterranea Flow
Mediterranea Flow Porcelain Tile Flooring presents a new direction in tile design, an elegant collection with a sense of timeless appeal. This collection delivers what can only be called refined elegance, with its stunning charm that takes porcelain tile design in a fresh direction, all while yet evoking the classic quality of the world's most prestigious and esteemed marble quarries. This collection has your classy design aesthetic covered – perfectly and elegantly.

By using a breakthrough trademarked high-definition ink-jet manufacturing process, a perfect blend of design and format comes to life, with perfectly drawn in soft lines that emulate the world’s most exquisite marbles, and also a delicate texture that creates the perfect ambiance and feel to just about any room that needs a makeover. Manufactured with all-new, state-of-the-art 6-head ink-jet printing technology, this series gives a look and feel that could never be realized with authentic natural stone – a brilliant synthesis of omnidirectional graphic art combined with an unparalleled surface texture that exceeds the latest DCOF (Dynamic Coefficient of Friction) ratings. The collection comes in both 6x24 and 12x24-inch sizes, and is offered in three perfectly light and harmonious colors: a light beige shade called Flow Cream, an opulent white in Flow Pearl and finally in a shade of taupe, comes Flow Tusk. Diversifying your design capabilities even further are 13x19 inch mosaic strips, 13x13 inch mosaic sheets with a 2x2 chip, and last but not least a 3x24 inch bullnose to complete the look of refined beauty that is perfect for any residential or commercial floor or wall application.

The Mediterranea Flow Wood Look Tile Flooring Collection is designed to provide practicality without sacrificing style, all while remaining at the cutting edge of the latest trends, while offering a look secured to remain in style for generations. By going with the Flow, you'll want to kiss the very ground you walk on.

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