Marca Corona Easywood

Marca Corona Easywood
Marca Corona Easywood porcelain tile flooring presents the look of bona fide hardwood with the durability and cleanliness of stoneware. Its extremely low porosity, high abrasion resistance, and inability to retain moisture make these wood look porcelain tiles an ideal choice for indoor as well as outdoor applications.

Unlike solid wood, this lineup will not warp nor will its color fade with time. The authentic look includes textures, patterns and grain that mimic the natural attributes of popular species, yet with engineered quality. A rugged 3/8” thickness and manufacturer's warranty can be enjoyed for decades without any scratching or mildew accumulation associated with traditional surfaces.

You can choose 6”x24” tile planks in an assortment of five colors. A wood look porcelain tile's size and color will influence the design effect you intend to achieve. In general, a bright color in large sizes will make a large room seem more inviting, while darker shades in smaller sizes create more spatial depth in cramped spaces.

Looking to create a feeling of warmth in bedrooms and living rooms? Easywood Acero MACEW­AC624 is a soft tan that is excellent in creating a warm, inviting ambience in living spaces where relaxation is the firs order of business.

Meanwhile, Easywood Faggio MACEW­FA624 captures natural light with beige and white tones that are well suited for spacious rooms with large windows or skylights. You can punctuate or underscore this effect with décor colors as well.

For a bolder, solid, full­bodied look, Wenge is a sound color choice for modern and traditional décor, rich with shades of dark mocha. This luxurious shade creates a stately feel in living rooms, master bedrooms and home offices. This lineup holds a Class 5 stain resistance rating that provides unmatched durability and longevity. Contractors appreciate the thin set installation that is time and cost efficient compared to other options. A 3/8” thickness protects the porcelain tiles against water, stains and scratches that can plague other surfaces. 

To order Marca Corona Easywood porcelain tile flooring, please call us for square footage estimates.

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