Marazzi Vesale Stone

Marazzi Vesale Stone
Marazzi Vesale Stone tile collection offers an exemplary stone-look tile option in its product line. This glazed porcelain stoneware is straight-edged with a flat surface and textured glazes. A gorgeous addition to any space, commercial or residential, the Vesale Stone is often considered just as much a piece of d้cor as the latest artwork added to the space. Consider this series to be the Picasso of tile flooring; essential, abstract, picturesque, and highly valuable. Artwork is not reduced to simply pictures on a wall, it has transcended to floors as well with Vesale Stone leading the way.

Often incorporated into wall tile designs in addition to the overall flooring of a space, this collection has a variety of assortment that is versatile through its four color options. Marazzi Vesale Stone Moss, from first glance, appears to be an authentic blended of industrious rock inspired tile flooring with dark gray and slight white tones blended together perfectly. Darker shades such as Vesale Stone Sand and Rust are bright and bold almost resembling fish scales with their copper and cream colors woven into the tile perfectly. Vesale Stone Smoke is excellent for the lovers or the dark and lovely resembling a tile, patchwork quilt of gray, dark brown, and creamy ivory.

Using uniform tiles throughout a space adds drama to large, unadorned spaces while the smaller, more detailed designs available with the deco pieces allow for similar dramatic beauty to smaller spaces. Vesale Stone tile flooring sizes vary, but include popular options such as; 10” x 20, perfect for wall applications, a traditional 13 x13, and ”20” x 20. For a mix pattern one can blend the 13x13 and “6.5 x 6.5.” This decorative, modular tile assemblage is perfect for either floor or wall spaces. Marazzi Vesale Stone tile series is also a great addition to outdoor areas as it is frost resistant and abrasion resistant making it essentially, a fabulous choice for the bold, beautiful, and bantam.

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