Marazzi Urban District Mix

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Marazzi Urban District Mix porcelain tile flooring presents the rustic look of time-worn hardwood in a more durable format, able to withstand the elements far batter than the natural material it replicates. Utilizing enhanced 3-D printing techniques, Urban District Mix is hard to tell apart from real wood at first glance, and its water absorption rate of less than 0.5 percent makes it suitable for installs in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and outdoor patios. These Marazzi glazed porcelain tiles are also resistant to freeze/thaw cycling, so they will not chip outdoors solely due to temperature and humidity fluctuations. High color variation between tile planks further enhances the realism of this collection, and because these tiles are rectified--cut to size after firing in a kiln--extremely narrow grout lines can be achieved without making the surface uneven.

Each of the four colors in Marazzi Urban District Mix comes in 4" x 28" dimensions. These can be laid out in a parallel fashion or a herringbone pattern for something different. Those who opt for herringbone visuals love to mix and match color choices to further accentuate variation between planks. Plaza is the darkest shade available, reminiscent of reclaimed burnt barn wood with a bold charcoal shade accented by light streaks of faded brown. In contrast, Uptown is a sharp white hue that works well in homes with large panoramic windows for a bright, almost heavenly ambiance. Riverwalk is a softer amalgamation of mid-tone browns ideal for more traditional design schematics; the replicated natural grain patterns are quite pronounced in this option. Skyline blends neutral beige's and light bluish grey reminiscent of a slightly overcast sky, making this option a great fit for a calm, soothing ambiance replete with modern-style furnishings and minimalist decor.
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