Marazzi Livigno

Marazzi Livigno
Marazzi Livigno Tile Flooring captures the ever-evolving visual appeal of weathered stone in this contemporary, simple to apply and even simpler to maintain and clean, modern collection. This adventurous series is perfect for interior residential applications, and with three earthy tones, Marazzi Livigno will warm up any space.

With three colors, this series comes in two generous square-shaped ceramic floor tile and wall tile pieces: a standard 12x12-inch tile and a larger 18x18 inch version. The trio of shades that make up this collection's color palette begins with Livigno Grigio, a medium to dark gray movement that looks every bit an authentic slab of stone. In the true nature of this collection, shade No. 2 Oro opens up the series with a warm shade of golden brown that gives your floors a sun-kissed look and feel. Rounding out the color palette is Noce a walnut brown that completes the three-color series' perfect foil for more adventurous, more colorful furnishings in your home and accent pieces that accurately portray your flair and individuality.

When it comes to decorative accents, the Livigno tile flooring series features mosaics in each color as well. Mosaics are available in 2x2-inch squares, which come on 12x12 inch tile pieces that can be cut into strips for a more unique design. Complete the look with a 3x12-inch bullnose, and keep in mind that recycled materials used to make this collection of ceramic floor tiling combined with this tile's impervious surface, prevent the formation and growth of mold and allergens. As briefly mentioned, the tile in this collection also meets all criteria for applications both vertically and horizontally meaning Livigno tile can be used for walls, backsplashes and fireplace surronds.

With a clean look and straight edges, the stone-like Marazzi Livigno Tile Flooring Collection is a fresh update for those wanting to showcase their modern aesthetic.

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