Marazzi Archaeology

Marazzi Archaeology

The Marazzi Archaeology tile series takes its inspiration from travertine, a type of limestone used in the impressive ancient architecture of civilizations gone by. This elegant ceramic tile uses the most advanced technology to recreate the look of ancient slabs found at historic sites worldwide. From the illustrious Grecian period of mythological sophistication to the Roman Empire hierarchies, the collections pulls from classic, historical periods and delivers a worldly and classic tile floor.

There are four color options available, all inspired by the appearance of the natural stone used to build massive ancient constructs. The sandy light tan color Marazzi Archaeology Babylon, Chaco Canyon easily captivate with intriguing, archaic blends of light browns and gray colors transforming each room into a Jurassic paradise. Tan colors with a high presence of grey shades such as Archaeology Troy is a natural looking shade best described as a dark tan or light brown and Crystal River is a mix of dark tan, grey, and creamy hues perfect for family dining rooms or an exotic update in the kitchen.

The color choices of this ceramic tile all feature high shade variation capturing the appearance of a naturally formed stone. The sizes are impressive since this collection looks perfect with mix sizes, they are offered in a small yet traditional format of 6 1/2" x 6 1/2", a small contemporary format of 6 1/2" x 13", and a larger traditional size of 13" x 13". There are also larger formats as well, including the contemporary 12" x 24" and traditional 20" x 20" size. The collection is the perfect way to create an atmosphere of elegance, class, and sophistication in any space and is great for accentuating classical furniture or stone works of art. There are also several design options available to choose from, including mosaics designed to further this stunning ceramic tile's ancient appearance, with designs inspired by natural stone formations and ancient décor. The Marazzi Archaeology line is truly an excellent way to enhance the beauty of any space, creating a look that is as timeless as the ancient architecture that this tile is inspired by.

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