Mannington Natures Path Plank

Mannington Natures Path Plank
Mannington Natures Path vinyl flooring brings nature inspired themes to indoor spaces in home or commercial applications. There are several collections available with common benefits and unique design advantages. Whatever the choice, you will enjoy hardwood aesthetics in luxury vinyl tiles and planks that span the color spectrum.

Advantages of Nature’s Path

Wood look vinyl floors have several benefits compared to solid hardwoods. The surface is easy to clean and resistant to stains or scratches. This gives you the confidence to install in high traffic rooms, front spaces and commercial settings. Solid construction and thickness also guard against moisture damage in various weather conditions. A manufacturer's warranty from Mannington gives you added peace of mind

When considering a budget, a design theme, room location and cost may each be factors to consider. Our flooring professionals are happy to suggest what choice best meets your remodeling project. Designers can keep remodeling projects on schedule and within budget with this expansive lineup.

Compared to hardwood, a vinyl plank or tile floor is quite cost efficient with little compromise. Authentic details from classic and exotic species are mimicked with the latest in technology. The rich accents of oak and cherry are apparent in the Natures' Paths Select Plank collection.

Color Options

A vinyl plank's color, size and species should all be considered for separate rooms. The color sets a mood and complements décor. For instance, Nature's Path Plank Heritage Central Cherry Colonial 12150 is a rich shade with red accents.

More exotic species such as wild beech and wenge are also available. You can mix flashy colors with vintage species for an exotic twist, or classic colors with rare species for added flair. For instance, Nature's Paths Select Barn Wood Plank Cognac 12157 brings warm brown tones with the distinct patterns and grain of lesser known species.

Elements of water, wind and sun are found in Nature's Paths Tile. A weather battered allure steeped in time brings beauty to rustic or modern themes. Vinyl tile sizes of 18” x 18” and 18” x 36” put the intricate patterns on full display. As an example, Natures Path Recede 12327 resembles the effect of water beads dripping down a window pane or other surface. Consider pairing this choice with reclaimed wood and rustic décor.

The six-inch plank is ideal for rooms with large windows that reveal the intricate patterns and swirls. Nature’s Paths Plank Northern Maple 12119 mixes radiant tones with a traditional species for a cheery but elegant feel. With bright fabrics and modern décor, any room will feel more welcoming to visitors. You can achieve more spatial depth with the three and four-inch sizes, which enhance the spacious fell of open concept floor plans.

Design Ideas

Mannington Natures Paths Plank vinyl flooring brings classic hardwood species to your living spaces with modern engineering. 12 colors in three plank sizes give you plenty of options to customize design effects to meet discerning tastes. This flexibility keeps remodeling projects on schedule and within budget. You will enjoy hardwood aesthetics with greater durability and lower cost with this collection. The surface is stain and scratch resistant for greater longevity compared to wood solids. Vinyl floors are also cost efficient with little style compromise and superior quality. You will have more money for a top to bottom design that includes paint, furniture or other décor.

These tones add a stately feel to living rooms, master bedrooms and even dining rooms in some instances. Each plank mimics the authentic patterns and grain of cherry with remarkable detail. White drapes and light-colored wall paint create a stark contrast, while choosing brown or beige décor is subtler. 3”, 4” and 6” planks each have common benefits with distinct appeal.

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