LM Flooring Berkshire

LM Flooring Berkshire
The best of the best of the outdoors is captured with LM Flooring Berkshire. Beauty, warmth, style, charm, these words come to mind when you think of the stunning nature of nature. Full of unique personality and warmth, you’re adding a dash of Mother Nature’s best in your own home and nothing less.

With 4 stunning colors, you’re sure to add a lasting impression throughout your home. The LM Berkshire Burton is a unique color blend in this series with its golden hues woven with chocolate graining on one plank, chocolate rippled with golden graining on another, and tan flowing with dark brown graining gives you a brilliant and unique style. Sahara stands out as the lightest color with light golden hues and mountainous dark golden graining sweeping across the plank in random variations, blended with knotting and occasional wormholes. Avondale is a rich, monotone copper, containing nearly consistent copper hues, speckled with wormholes and imperfections for added charm. Finally, Preston is a dark brown with grey mixed in to create a dark, aged look.

The LM Flooring Berkshire series features a 72” length and various width sizes, such as the small 3”, the slightly larger 5”, and the largest width size of the collection available, 7”. The variety of widths allow for random pattern design. This allows you to use your creative flair and create something unique and charming with your hardwood and leave a lasting impression.
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