Lea Ceramiche Vivaldi

Lea Ceramiche Vivaldi
The Lea Ceramiche Vivaldi tile collection really emphasizes the beauty and majesty of wood and the time nature has spent on creating such a beautiful work of art. So inspired by nature and the rustic look of hardwood, this collection takes all the beauty of wood and combines it with the durability of tile, guaranteeing you a “wood floor” that will last and not come with all the stress and worry of actual hardwood.

This elegant and smooth pseudo-wood tile collection comes in 4 rustic colors. There is the Lea Ceramiche Vivaldi Winter which was inspired by the color of trees found during the winter season. This particular hue is taupe in color with brown and grey mixing flawlessly with graining flowing smoothly across the plank in its own unique fashion. Fall is the interpretation of wood during the autumn season. Not greyed like Winter, Fall produces fading brown colors, stating that the cooler time of the year is on its way. Summer is a charming light brown wooden color with a darker hue staining the edges of the plank and producing dark brown graining and speckles. Spring comes in as a tan colored wood with taupe graining. Though winter is departing from nature during the spring, there are still remnants of winter that sometimes linter behind, as seen in this Spring hue.

This season capturing wood-like Lea Ceramiche Vivaldi collection comes in one uniform size of 6”x24” and is reminiscent of typical wood plank lengths.
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