Lea Ceramiche Emperor

Lea Ceramiche Emperor
The Lea Ceramiche Emperor is a rendition of beautiful stones and the classical look of traditional flooring. Marvelous patterns of grey and brown hues flowing together with strong veining and design is what makes this tile so spectacular and elegant.

Coming in 3 gorgeous colors, each one capturing the beauty of natural stones. There is the Lea Ceramiche Emperor Alexander which is a brilliant stone grey design with hues of light and dark grey blending together and veining spectacularly across the tile like lightning through a storm cloud. Napolean is a rich, brown and beige mixing about the tile, veining and staining throughout the tile, creating unique visuals. Cesar is more of a uniform color unlike the previous two hues with pale beige veining and dark beige speckling. It is reminiscent of the sandstone look and is equally as beautiful.

The Lea Ceramiche Emperor tile collection comes in three great sizes. There is the large, contemporary format of 12
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