Lauzon Reserva

Lauzon Reserva Hardwood Flooring

Lauzon Reserva hardwood flooring gives your home a touch of eco-chic with stunning accents and rich grain. You will enjoy longevity and beautiful style owing to the hard maple species from which these wood floors are cut. Each plank is expertly treated to perform with longevity and grace in any modern household.

Much as the name implies, this is a classic collection with versatile applications. You have 3 color choices and two widths to meet various design palettes. The variety allows designers to achieve distinct design effects in separate rooms with a single collection.

Each color exudes a warm glow that captures sunlight to create a peaceful ambience in any room. The golden glow of Reserva Sumatra AT05M8F13V is particularly gorgeous, with rippling honey grains that flow throughout the home like a river. As a more neutral color, this model easily matches will all shades and styles of décor.

With 3 ¼” or 5 3/16” wide planks, you can select how apparent the unique swirls and patterns will be. A narrower width hardwood is well suited for bigger rooms, while a broader plank opens up small spaces. Light and dark hues to bring out the natural gold and brown in your décor. A lifetime structural warranty from Lauzon and protective semi-gloss gives you confidence in the longevity of this collection. Our staff is happy to answer your product questions and offer more design ideas as well.

Wherever you may install these floors; this collection is lively and glowing. As an example, the dusky brown color of Reserva Borneo HT03M8F33V looks exotic and earthy. This natural appeal pairs nicely with jungle inspired or tropical décor.

The toffee tones of Jakarta look scrumptious in the kitchen. We recommend pairing this choice with traditional designs, like English country or French Empire. Cerralvo is rustic and rich in dining rooms with vintage furnishings. The possibilities are endless with this exquisite collection.

Please contact to order Lauzon Reserva hardwood flooring. We will provide accurate quotes based on the square footage of your project.

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