Lauzon Homestead

Lauzon Designer Homestead Tobacco Brown Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Homestead Collection by Lauzon Flooring

exudes the beautiful, stately attributes of domestic wood species in a solid yet mysterious finish. These stained engineered hardwood flooring projects a remarkably classic look, that colonial-style designers will love. The rich flowing of grains and knotholes of this Lauzon flooring collection will certainly add character with a perfect imperfection to your living spaces. Whether you prefer hickory, oak, or walnut for your floors, homestead will provide you with several options to match your design preference to.

Due to Homestead’s engineered construction, this collection can be installed at above and below grades – unlike solid hardwood, Homestead is an excellent choice for basement remodels, homes with split-level floor plans, and kitchens as it does not get affected as easily by moisture.

Lauzon Homestead Hardwood Colors

Every color offered in this hardwood collection is perfectly hand-scraped with a brush technique to give it a unique personality everyone enjoys. Although this deep and rich palette of colors has such a different and interesting look, it still brings a warm and alluring presence to the table.

The darkest color in the series is Lauzon Homestead Caribou, a mahogany colored hardwood plank that combines its alluring personality with its attractive floor features. The deep knotting and graining of this floor creates a fascinating look that won’t let you take your eyes off it. Perfect for living rooms and bed rooms that incorporates white furniture with colorful accents – creating an astonishing visual that looks dreamlike.

Following Caribou is Lauzon Homestead Cedar Rail, a luscious brown color that incorporates he use of minimal light brown blotches within its lovely stain techniques to produce a captivating look. This Lauzon floor replicates wood to a tee, leaving you to think this plank was taken right off a tree in the woods on the east coast. If you are someone who loves traditional décor within your home, Cedar Rail is the option for you – as it fits perfectly with traditional styles. Leaving you to not worry about changing the entire look of your home based on your floors.

Lauzon Homestead Navajo Brown is another woodsy type hardwood plank, as it is defined by its dark and light brown mixture that lays between every grain and scratch. This floor is simply stunning and offers a country side feel while still incorporating a traditional look and feel. A perfect fit for wide open living areas that are always in use.

Sitting on the lighter side of the spectrum is Lauzon Homestead Prairie Wheat, an auburn colored hardwood floor that combines accents of beige with a variety of black spots that lay perfectly within the knots and grains of this floor to produce a deep and rustic look. The reddish-brown hue that describes this plank, looks stunning in kitchen areas with wood furniture and white décor accents to create a picture-perfect room you see in the movies.

Lastly, is Lauzon Homestead Tobacco Brown, the most exotic and unique color of the entire hardwood collection. Tobacco Brown is a dark earthy brown hue that is mixed with a golden, caramel tone that brings a classy and sophisticated personality to any room. This Lauzon floor looks stunning in dining rooms with glass tables and white décor accents; creating the floor to pop and draws everyone’s attention right to it.

Each plank is available in a striking size of 5” x random lengths, creating every color to be stretched to its fullest potentially and offer characteristics you would not find in smaller sized planks.

Lauzon Engineered Hardwood Warranty

Lauzon Homestead Tobacco Brown is from the Designer collection – offering a 35-year residential warranty and a 5-year light commercial warranty. Look to Lauzon Engineered Limited Warranty Sheet for more in depth information.

For more of an enhanced look on your Lauzon hardwood floors, keep flooring accessories in mind, such as: moldings. These premium prefinished moldings are made to match any color you choose to go with, while adding a more defined look. Check out Lauzon Flooring Moldings to see which molding is the best option for you!

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