Lauzon Red Oak

Lauzon Ambience Red Oak Hardwood Flooring

Ambiance Red Oak by Lauzon Hardwood

is a stunning collection that offers high quality, durable planks; created with Americas most popular wood species, oak. These radiant engineered and solid floors offer beauty and character, with high class for a modern home – making these floors to become perfect for any living area, that will last for years to come.

Lauzon Hardwood Flooring Visuals

The Lauzon Red Oak hardwood collection features vibrant, attractive colors in both contemporary and classical shades. The color schemes in this palette are very unique and range from a variety of different colors; allowing them to meet the needs of any individual’s style. The red oak species that is the main make up of these planks, creates a rich reddish hue, that is swirled within each distinctive grain technique – forming a visual for each that is striking and utterly appealing.

The lightest color in the selection is Lauzon Ambiance Red Oak Ammonite, an icy white visual with an intensive grainy surface that has the red oak species seeping through – generating a contemporary elegance. If you love bright décor accents with dark furniture in rooms with excessive natural light, Ammonite is the color for you.

Moving towards the darker tones, while still being light is Lauzon Ambiance Red Oak Copper, a golden-caramel shade that brings a very traditional style to the table. The knotting and graining method used within this Lauzon hardwood floor oozes with sophistication, while still upholding an old-style look from its alluring features that lay along its surface. This floor is perfect for wide open rooms such as, living room and kitchens, that incorporate wood furniture. Sitting on the darker end of the spectrum is, Lauzon Ambiance Red Oak Illusion, which is a blackish-grey hardwood floor that holds a subtle reddish hue which seeps in and out of its grains – producing a unique visual that is highly attractive. This contemporary style looks quite superb in dens or master bed rooms; holding a superior personality. This Lauzon flooring options goes perfect with white décor styles such as drapes or bedding, along with colorful decorative accents to really make this tasteful floor pop.

With a less empowering personality, is Lauzon Ambiance Red Oak Shadow Grey, which is the ultimate contemporary look everyone wants in their homes. Shadow Grey possesses a silky, smooth surface that holds a very chic character within its hardwood features – bringing this Lauzon hardwood floor to be the most sophisticated one in the collection. Its subtle tones of grey are incorporate with faint accents of white, making its visual to be very flawless. This is another hue in the color palette of this series that look exquisite with white décor styles that are mixed with colorful decorative tones.

Steering to the brown portion is Lauzon Ambiance Red Oak Velvet Brown, which is another traditional hardwood style. This Lauzon hardwood floor holds a medium brown tone with additional beige accents to really captivate its expression and texture. Its features that lay across the surface also bring a fascinating rustic, old feel – bringing traditional lovers to really enjoy it. When laid in rooms with heavy natural light exposure, the features and grain techniques really illuminate – bringing this hardwood floor to shine with beauty.

Lauzon Red Oak Details

Lauzon Ambiance Red Oak floors are strong and damage resistant, designed to resist abrasion, and are perfect for anyone looking to update their home with a long-lasting, beautiful floor. Likewise, these radiant floors offer exceptional scratch and stain resistance according to recent Customer Report rating.

Both engineered or solid hardwood planks are available in a 3 1/4", 5 3/16" by random lengths - offering designers to use more of their innovative minds to create a stunning visual in floors.

Pure Genius

This series is available with Lauzon Pure Genius Technology, which enhances your indoor air to be 85% cleaner than before!

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