Lauzon Memoire

Lauzon Memoire Antique Palomino Betula Hardwood Flooring

Memoire Hardwood Collection

by Lauzon, features engineered and solid wooden floors that take us back in time to spacious manor homes that possessed fancy, expensive items - allowing them to dominate the local village down the way. This reminiscent line demonstrates a richly, sophisticated style, providing your home with the perfect personality to transform it into pure royalty.

Collection Colors and Features

The Memoire series provides old-fashioned hardwood visuals with a gorgeous color palette that includes: Antique Palomino, a worn, dark brown shade with a low glass pearl finish to create an authentic antique hardwood look, Antique Cigarillo, a mixed wooden plank with dark and light brown hues that incorporates a knotting technique to produce a unique, but lovely floor, and Antique Copper, a blotchy marked floor with dark and light stained features – creating a hardwood plank that looks as if it was found straight out of the forest; bringing a woodsy but classy feel to your home. All available in either Betula or Red Oak, this durable line of wooden floors will stand the test of time, exhibiting a classic, antique beauty that will last for yours to come.

Surface Details

Many wonder how Lauzon Memoire can create such a timeworn floor that is able to display such class and beauty. The surface of each hardwood plank is implemented with an innovative sanding technique, used to further enhance the classic appearance of these quality floors. The handcrafted expressions of these floors provide a silky, smooth feel; that aligns perfectly with every home décor style while still offering its own uniqueness. The look and feel this Lauzon collection offers helps develop spaces to become more comforting and welcoming – perfect for large open areas where family gatherings always take place. Several finished are available, with everyone created to embody the spirit of old-fashion wooden floors of the past. The Memoire hardwood collection by Lauzon is perfect for antique lovers who want to endow their home with timeless beauty that will last you centuries to come.

Engineered/Solid Hardwood Warranty

Lauzon Hardwood offers limited warranties for every collection – with providing commercial and residential warranties in a lifetime manner. The Memoire series by Lauzon provides a 35-year residential warranty, with a 5-year light commercial. For additional information on the maintenance of these engineered ad solid hardwood floors and how to keep them looking pretty, look to Lauzon Maintenance Hardwood Flooring sheet.

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