Lauzon Line Art

Lauzon Line Art Hard Maple Travertine Hardwood Flooring

Line Art Collection by Lauzon Hardwood

is a stunning contemporary line that features the hard maple species in three monochromatic, but richly detailed shades. All colors result in a mineral or stone like appearance; making this the perfect hardwood collection for any type of living spaces. This engineered and solid hardwood line produces quality within every plank, offering warmth and charm within its maple wood floors.

Lauzon Hardwood Specifications

The Line Art collection by Lauzon Flooring offers a visually striking 4 ¼” width plank by random lengths, allowing distinct grain and patterns to be seen and shine through this wooden floor. The length of these planks also offers designers to now be creative when it comes to customizing specific effects in different rooms – which will give individuals the opportunity to put their own twist into the design. For example, a small room with wider hardwood floors and brighter décor seem to open-up the size of the room – conversely, matching a darker shade from this Lauzon flooring collection with brownish décor tones makes the room cozier with a homier, family type environment.

Despite the elegant finish the Lauzon Line Art collection produces, it is also resistant to abrasion, moisture, and shifting – which can plague a solid hardwood floor. It’s ¾” thickness also deadens noises such as: creaks and buckling, giving a peaceful and quiet atmosphere to any room it resides it.

The surface of Lauzon Line Art hardwood floors is silky, transparent, and durable; creating a linear effect that places this hard maple floor above the rest.

Lauzon Line Art Colors

The colors that make up the Lauzon Line Art collection consists of grey and black tones; creating sophistication and pure class all around. Lauzon Line Art Agate, is a chic shade of grey consisting of light black graining and knotting patterns – producing a very elegant appearance. This color is ideal for rooms that often change décor or themes, such as bedrooms and living rooms. Agate tends to be such a neutral hue, which makes it easy to create complements and contrasts with décor, fabrics, and furniture.

Lauzon Line Art Travertine is another grey color, however, the tone and graining techniques within this plank are more subtle and soft; giving a calmer but stylish look. Travertine is perfect for wide open rooms with natural light such as living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens. Décor styles that feature white, grey, and black accents with hints of color in furniture or fabrics creates this floor to visually pop and draws everyone attention towards it.

Aside from the grey tones is Lauzon Line Art Basalt, which is a shade of black with smoky grey accents formed within to produce a very alluring and daring appearance. This luxurious tone fits well in living spaces such as family rooms, master bedrooms, and dens that incorporate cream colored drapes and wood furniture – which works well with darker colored models.

Lauzon Flooring Installation and Warranty Information

Whether your Lauzon hardwood floor is solid or engineered – they are both equipped with excellent warranties. The Lauzon Line Art collection resides under the Designer series, offering a 35-year residential warranty and a 5-year light commercial warranty.

Following Lauzon flooring warranties, they are considerably easy to clean and maintain. Your Lauzon hardwood floor is an investment and can easily be protected by doing a couple simple things here and there. The maintenance portion is important, ensuring your floors look stunning for years to come.

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