Lauzon Urban Loft

Lauzon Urban Loft Hardwood Flooring

Lauzon Urban Loft hardwood flooring series is an engineered construction that offers heavy sophistication to any interior design. The lightly textured, wire brushed White Oak is offered in long, wide planks and creates a soft, subtle statement in any area it is placed. The low-matte finish and murky color palette is available in, in trend-setting tones starting from creamy to rich earthy brown. Each plank is designed in high-precision milling and expert craftmanship, which results in edges and joints of exceptional detail. Ensuring that every Lauzon plank fits perfect and evenly, every single time! Available in an 8-colored palette, that is nothing less than stunning.

Each plank in the Lauzon Urban Loft series is offered with a lifetime structure warranty, available with residential and light commercial. Residential is offered with a 35-year warranty, while the light commercial is offered with a 5-year!

Starting off the series with the lightest color tone is, Chelsea Cream. This plank consists of beige, grey, and white accents that are incorporated together to produce a soft, rich color that is very mesmerizing. The light hues blended together within the knots and grains of this plank create such a warm, content feeling and visual, it’s hard to hate. Especially when the colors mirror a sandy beach against an exotic blue ocean, where everyone loves to be. This colored plank looks amazing when placed in heavy light areas with light or dark décor styles.

Following the lightness, is Fifth Avenue. This grey colored plank, mixes darker greys and beige colors into one, to create a modernized, rustic visual, that looks perfect in kitchen and living room areas with dark brown and white decor styles. The knots and scrapes of the plank are flawlessly constructed, to present a gorgeous flow of colors within. If you’re looking for a simple, contemporary look, this is the perfect color for you! Greystone, is like Fifth Avenue, when it comes to grey tones. This plank possesses a dark and light mixture of greys to produce a lovely boldness that catches everyone’s eyes. Its smooth, mysterious and looks remarkable when surrounded by light décor styles, such as white or light summer colors. Extremely chic and classy.

If you’re ideal flooring color is more of a natural wood graphic, Exposed Oak is your perfect fit. This golden, sandy brown color is mixed with dark brown spots spread around the entire plank, to hold a more natural hardwood look as if it was just cut from a tree outside in the forest. This hue is picture-perfect for cabin environment visuals. Another wood look color is Brooklyn. Unlike Exposed Oak, this color contains a darker brown, with little blends of light browns, that produces a creamy, milk-chocolate color that is almost tasteful. It’s perfectly, designed knots and grains flow so effortlessly, up and down the plank, it’s almost hypnotic.

The darkest color in the Lauzon Urban Loft series is Cite. This plank is created from dark brown and black tones that replicate a visual of a midnight sky, so still and powerful. Although this color presents a very bold and mysterious sensation, it is extremely inviting, pulling everyone towards it. Perfect when positioned in living rooms and kitchens that are very open and wide, and have substantial lighting pressing into it.

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