Lauzon Organik

Lauzon Organik Hard Maple Charisma Hardwood Flooring

Designer Organik Collection by Lauzon Flooring

is a series that is both unique and natural – living up to its moniker by bringing an unparalleled, inherently beautiful look of maple hardwood to life. With a groundbreaking and brand-new process, maple’s delicate wood grain patterns, mineral markings, and textures are put on display and paired with a rich, neutral color palette with glowing finishes. This Lauzon flooring collection’s impressive aesthetics are some that are sure to develop even more elegance as time goes by. You will be hard-pressed to find a more graceful and natural, chameleon like collection.

Lauzon Organik Details

This hardwood flooring series is part of the Lauzon Designer collection, which is entirely natural and FSC Certified. This maple hardwood flooring opens-up its natural grains, knots, and mineral streaks; allowing it to be the only collection currently on the market that has been able to achieve this. Its 4 ¼” wide planks are available in lengths up to 72 inches, producing a stunning appearance that elongates the features in each plank. Designers are also able to get creative with how each plank will be displayed with the range length range that is given.

Colors and Visuals

This Lauzon flooring collection consists of three shades that are about playing up the natural, rich, inert wood grain shades of maple – featuring a smooth-textured, pearlescent finishing. The best word to describe this maple floor is elegant, with all-encompassing tonal fluctuation that allows for versatility when it comes to lighting and décor.

The first shade in the collection is Lauzon Organik Chic, which is a medium brown with softer, more subtle characteristics to complement the understated color. The combination of its brown shade with the natural grain features allows this plank to produce a visually beautiful look – as if this wooden floor was grabbed right out of the woods. If you are someone who loves the look of white décor accents and wooden furniture this floor is the perfect choice – as it will provide a sophisticated and draw dropping scene.

Slightly different is Lauzon Organik Charm, which adds a bit more warmth to its tone from the bold patterning that brings a more rich and natural drama to the table. The medium tones of brown are incorporated with golden hues with hints of grey accents – creating a unique and forest-like appearance. This floor will look magnificent in natural lighting rooms such as living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens.

The lightest shade of them all is Lauzon Organik Charisma, a washed beige floor that features grey accents with very subtle hints of dark brown that are sporadically placed through the plank. Its knotting and ribbon techniques are so precise and detailed, it allows this floor to really show its true personality. This soft looking floor is also perfect in natural light rooms with lighter décor styles – which will show enhance and illuminate this Lauzon hardwood floor.

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