Kertiles Amazonia

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Amazonia is a gorgeous collection that replicates the look of honed and filled marble stone. Perfect for a wide variety of applications, Amazonia comes with a simple two-fold palette, and is sure to enhance any space that it fills. In fact, marble is renowned for the sophisticated ambiance that it creates, and any home- or business-owner that desires to fill his space with the utmost in elegance and the most forward of fashion will be thrilled to find that Amazonia is a spot-on solution.

Affording end users with an incredibly smart color and size variety to select from, Amazonia can be found in both Beige, which is perfectly creamy, and Perla, a soft white. In addition to these color choices, Amazonia can also be obtained in 12x24, 24x24, and 32x32, adding even more to its versatility. All in all, if you are looking for an authentic marble look at a non-marble price, Amazonia is the tile for you.

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