Kahrs Unity

Kahrs Unity
Kahrs Spirit Unity Hardwood Flooring Collection is a cohesive, floating woodloc series of natural, smooth and lacquered hardwood flooring that has the rarest stylish assets you’ve spent far too much time examining in the vast world of discount hardwood flooring. This fresh series is the answer to that problem – with the perfect range of selections of flairs for the about-town, metropolitan personality, seeking a look that’s sophisticated, in a series that captures the essence of traditional hardwood flooring, while still being able to produce a modern, contemporary look and feel. All of the above comes together in one stunning, 12-color exquisite flooring collection of oaks and walnuts; and even a happening hickory.

Among the striking palette within the collection are nine different, unique shades of Oak hardwood flooring – a rustic looking, smoky shade with knots and small cracks, called Unity Harbor Oak. Unity Tin Oak is a grey-stained strip with a rustic look, while Unity Meadow Oak is a deep brown shade with a country essence. For a natural design washed with a white stain, Unity Tundra Oak is a perfect alternative, as well as Unity Reef Oak, arguably the most natural aesthetic in the series with its medium brown base. Unity Sand Oak has a subtle and gorgeous brushed color variation with a four-sided bevel, and features the manufacturer’s ECO Core – products made in the United States that are more environmentally-friendly. Three more shades of Oak remain – Unity Forest Oak, Unity Cliff Oak, a grey-stained rustic look with white pores for breath and development. For those seeking a lighter and brighter hue, Unity Arctic Oak fits the bill, and for a warm and brighter mixture of medium browns, Unity Ridge Hickory is the answer. The final three shades – all of which stray from the Oak category – begin with Unity Ridge Hickory. The final two are walnuts: Unity Orchard Walnut, and Unity Garden Walnut – each with a silk matte finish. All 12 colors come in one nominal plank size – 5x47 inches.

Unlike porcelain tile with wood grain design and printed patterns, this series presents striking one-strip designs in a variety of colors and species – all with a genuine matte finish that holds together the brilliance of the Kahrs Spirit Unity Hardwood Flooring Collection for years upon years.

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