Kahrs Rugged

Kahrs Rugged
Kahrs Rugged hardwood flooring brings rustic and weathered appeal to any living space. 4 colors that run the gamut meet all design palettes for greater design flexibility. A visually striking 5” width puts the intricate patterns on full display. Cut from oak and walnut species, this collection mimics natural attributes with greater resistance against stain, scratch and moisture damage. Each of these species is noted for exceptional hardness and distinct color variations.

You can create custom effects in different rooms with this single collection. Designers appreciate the flexibility to meet demanding tastes and keep remodeling projects on schedule.

The hand crafted finish exudes an authentic feel in each richly detailed plank. Despite an elegant finish, you will feel the engineered durability underfoot with a 3/8” thickness. This feature deadens pesky noises, such as creaks and buckling. A hardwood floor’s species may be a factor to consider in terms of design effect. In general, oak has a versatile elegance while walnut brings distinction to formal spaces.

For instance, Rugged Trench White Oak 101P8HEKFMKW120 blends bright tones with rugged traits in a symbiotic way. The planks seem steeped in time with the effects of wind, sun and water all apparent. Consider this choice for natural design themes in bedrooms, open concept kitchens and sun soaked spaces with large windows.

At the other end of the spectrum lies Rugged Groove Walnut 101P8HVAF0KW120. The luxurious swirls of wood grain add a stately feel to bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms. Wooden décor from similar species adds to the nature inspired overtones of this model. You can easily create contrasts by choosing light or dark colored drapes, wall paint and fabrics. Either way, a full manufacturer’s warranty gives you peace of mind. Contractors can choose from floating or woodloc 5s installation for the best fit.

Please call us for estimates on Kahrs Rugged hardwood flooring. We will answer product questions and quote delivery times.

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