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Kahrs Grande

Kahrs Grande
Kahrs Grande hardwood flooring boasts shabby chic appeal with versatile benefits for various décor schemes. The 4 available shades boast distinct appeal with the common benefits of hand scraped oak, rugged beauty, intricate details and rich grain. You will see the artistry that goes in to each 10 1/4” inch hardwood floor plank with this collection. The stunning width has unique design effects on rooms of all dimensions and layouts.

A solid hardwood floor's color and width greatly affect the design setting you wish to achieve. A wider plank design makes small rooms seem more spacious, while large rooms will seem cozier. With a 110” length, a stately aesthetic that creates a sense of luxury is seen. In terms of colors, this collection offers ample choices to suit the most discerning tastes.

Looking for neutral colored hardwood floors that match interior design trends over the years? Consider Kahrs Grande Casa Oak 201XCDEKF0KE280 for medium brown tones that pair well with all color schemes. This is a great choice for front spaces, living rooms and bedrooms, which set the tone for your home's décor. Light colored drapes and beige fabrics will complement this tone quite nicely. For a slightly exotic twist on this concept, Grande Espace Oak is a wise alternative.

Meanwhile, Kahrs Grande Manor Oak 201XABEKFVKE280 is the lightest shade in this wood floor series. Rooms bathed in natural light are great landing spots for this model, as the sunlight reveals the handscraped details in full glory. Need more ideas? Our flooring design experts are happy to suggest what choices best match your project needs.

You can rest easy knowing the elegant beauty of this lineup is backed by a full manufacturer's warranty. A 3/4” thickness deadens noise that plague thinner hardwoods and also guard against moisture damage. Contractors can choose from nail, glue or float installation that ensures a superior fit no matter the application.

Please call us to order Kahrs Grande hardwood flooring. We will quote square footage and answer your product questions.

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