Johnsonite I.D. Freedom Wood

Johnsonite I.D. Freedom Wood
The Johnsonite I.D. Freedom Wood luxury vinyl flooring is nothing short of the gorgeous hardwood that makes up your typical, cozy American spaces. With a name like this, a cozy mom and pop shop must come to mind. If you love that look, then this collection is for you.

This luxury vinyl flooring collection comes in a huge array of colors – there are 30 colors for you to choose from to be exact. There is the Johnsonite I.D. Freedom Wood American Cherry Heritage for example which is a dark reddish-brown color not far from a chocolatey brown color. It’s a warm option that is cozy and inviting and great for spaces that will see plenty of people. On the flip side, there is the Craft Maple Pale which is a sweet brown color tinged with hints of tan shading throughout the design. It is a smooth and clean design and is quite warm, inviting, and charming. It would be a beautiful addition to any flooring project. If you’re into the more contemporary look of wood, the Craft Maple Bitter Brown is a very rich, dark chocolate color that is sure to make the colors of your room pop. If contemporary is your thing and you enjoy mixing that look with the traditional or rustic look, Seasoned Oak Warm Winter is a handsome sandy brown mixed with light and dark grey graining, running smoothly in one continuous direction. The darkest of the dark is the White Oak Espresso which is as black as your morning coffee. This handsome color is composed of a deep, rich brown with charcoal colored graining running close together to enhance the dark look of this vinyl wood. Be sure to check out all the colors as they are all charming and beautiful options for you and your project.

The Johnsonite I.D. Freedom Wood comes in a size of 4”x36”, which is great for those that prefer the smaller style of planks. With the smaller style, you have more to work with to really show off the true, natural beauty of the flooring you’ve chosen. Plus if you choose a luxury vinyl like this, you get to enjoy your flooring that much sooner with the easy installation and you won’t have to worry about the same kind of wear and tear as normal hardwood flooring.
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