Johnson Hardwood Victorian

Johnson Hardwood Victorian

Johnson Victorian hardwood flooring brings a chic modern design that is steeped in time to any room in your home. The 9 available colors touch each point on the color spectrum with intricate patterns, fine grain and rich textures. This gives designers the flexibility to meet various tastes with a single lineup of hardwood floors. Despite the array of choices, you will enjoy the common benefits of a rugged design, lasting beauty and the assurance that comes with a manufacturer's warranty. A 3/8 thickness deadens sound from creaking or buckling and the engineered surface is more resistant to moisture damage than solid counterparts.

An engineered hardwood floor's color and size have a big impact on the interior design effects that you wish to achieve. A darker color in this broad plank design will make a larger room seem more inviting, while a lighter shade, such as Victorian Cambridge JVCVSM12702, make cramped spaces seem more open. Our flooring design experts are happy to suggest what models best meet your project needs.

For a sumptuous feel in formal spaces, look to Victorian Edinburgh. The dark brown tones of this one of a kind hardwood floor seem to cascade over each broad panel to create a welcoming allure that beckons visitors to relax in living rooms, dens an and master bedrooms. You can create stark or subtle contrasts with light or dark colored dcor, respectively.

At the lighter end of the spectrum lies Bristol JVCVSG12701, with a graham cracker tone that mimics the sandy shores of English beaches. This is a great choice for rooms with large windows that allow natural light to dance across the honey colored planks. Consider white drapes and bright fabrics to create a beach inspired setting in living rooms and front spaces.

Please call us to order Johnson Victorian hardwood flooring. We will quote square footage and are happy to answer your product questions.

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