Johnson Hardwood Texas

Johnson Hardwood Texas

Johnson Hardwood Texas hardwood flooring brings the independent spirit of the Lone Star State to interior design in various themes. The 5 hardwood floor colors mimic the natural attributes of popular species with remarkable detail. You will see rich grain, intricate details and unique accents in each 5 wide plank. This design has separate effects on rooms of different sizes. Smaller rooms will seem more open, while larger spaces will feel cozier with this roster of engineered hardwood floors.

With random length planks, this series exhibits authentic charm with fewer headaches. The 1/2 thickness is effective at minimizing noise from all levels of foot traffic, which causes creaking or buckling in thinner surfaces. This lineup is also resistant to scratches, stains and moisture that plague other materials. A manufacturer's warranty is further assurance that this hardwood floor's rugged design will pass the test of time. For a lasting fit, contractors can choose from glue, staple, nail or floating installation.

The darkest color is Texas Houston JVCTX12703, with a blackish brown that exudes a time tested appeal. Wind, rain and sun each seem to have played a role in the exquisite pattern, which normally takes decades to achieve. Consider this model for living rooms, dens and master bedrooms with dark wood furniture or accents. A slightly lighter color can be found in Johnson Texas San Antonio, which is a dark chocolate brown in a matte finish.

Looking for a classic hardwood color? Texas Fort Worth JVC- TX12705 has neutral brown tones with splashes of charcoal like accents that welcome visitors into front spaces, living rooms and bedrooms. Light colored drapes and beige furniture fabrics are lovely complements to this honey brown shade. Rooms with natural light exposure will fully reveal the readily apparent and subtle allure of each broad plank.

Please call us for estimates on Johnson Hardwood Texas hardwood flooring. We will quote square footage and arrange for shipping.

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