Interceramic Wood Trails

Interceramic Wood Trails
Interceramic Wood Trails porcelain tile flooring collection is as unique as it is brave. This saucy assortment works well in a variety of settings with its sleekly modern wood looks and colors filled with natural charm. It is a fabulous departure from bland porcelain tiles in simple colors with its genuine wood accents that focuses its attention on unconventional, wood beauty and quality flooring. Easily create stunning authentic wood flooring arrangements with the easy maintenance and high durability of well-constructed porcelain.

This collection is straight and to the point offering four distinctive colors. Interceramic Wood Trails Appalachian is a shade reminiscent of an almond coated wood accented with bright and miniscule highlights of blonde wood the cleverly hides in the background. Glacier manages to deliver the divide between what is expected and what blows most people away. It is a mixed of chalky white shades wrapped in dark wood accents. Batona is all about the drama of the “dark side” with deep gray and black colors combined cleverly into one. It is a brilliant concept that makes most other floors fall behind in terms intrigue and interesting tile concepts. Interceramic Wood Trails Pinell is the brightest of the bunch with a huge array of blonde colored wood and lightly colored almond accents that hang so perfectly in the balance. It presents a traditional feel with a modern flair.

Interceramic Wood Trails porcelain tile boasts gorgeous planks measuring 6” x20.” Though the collection is small in comparison to some others in the tiling world, which offer a multitude of colors and sizes, this collection is not afraid of the reality of “less is more.” You certainly get more when you choose this exceptional like of wood-look porcelain tile flooring. You get a line of floors that brings refinement and real wood accents that will last for decades into the future--weathering all of the thrills and spills in between with sophisticated grace.
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