Interceramic Tirreni

Interceramic Tirreni
If youre looking for something different and stylish, look no further than the Interceramic Tirreni ceramic flooring collection. This series interprets the cement look in a fresh way, which is great news for those that like to try out unique, contemporary looks. What makes this collection unique is the two-tone look of each slab. You may be familiar with this look in outdoor settings and while you can use this look outdoors, now you can use this look in your indoor setting as well. The best part is that because its a concrete look, this flooring can fit any setting. Residential, commercial, indoors, and outdoors.

This two-tone selection comes in 3 styles for you to choose from. There is the Interceramic Tirreni Terra look which utilizes dark brown and light brown tones with each shade containing its counterpart mixed in. The dark brown features wispy light brown staining and the light brown tone features dark brown staining. If darker tones are more your speed, Fuoco is a great reddish brown interpretation and rivals Terra in looks. This color really captures the look of two rich brown hues with a twinge of limestone patterning, giving this particular hue a truly unique look. Cenere is the twin brother of Terra only taking on more of a taupe look with splashes of grey mixing into the hue. Unlike the other two-tone ceramic tiles, Cenere is heavily light or heavily dark there is no in between look like there is with Terra or Fuoco. But, whichever you choose, you are going to get something stylish and new and certain to wow.

The Interceramic Tirreni ceramic flooring collection comes in one simple size: the traditional 16x16. While not overly huge or too tiny, you are able to see the natural beauty of this cement design, especially when laid together and creating a new, unique design. Plus, this great size really helps this flooring live up to its full potential in terms of versatility. You cant go wrong there.
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