Interceramic San Guilo

Interceramic San Guilo
The Interceramic San Giulio high density glazed ceramic floor tile has taken everything beautiful about stone and created a stunning design that is a fun, stylish, and earthy. Mother Nature's earth has been beautifully crafted in a format that we can use to add her beauty and style in our own settings.

This collection is available in 4 handsome colors reimaged in an earthy, contemporary design. There is the Interceramic San Giulio Borgo Brown color for example that is a rich reddish-brown reminiscent of clay found within the earth fused with the look of stone with white speckling and dark brown veining racing across the tile, creating a bit of a layered look. Isola Beige is the lighter interpretation of brown rock by utilizing tans and beiges together to create more of a sandy stone colored look with soft speckling and veined layers much like its Borgo Brown counterpart. Dipping into the stone hues is the Piazza Silver, which is a light grey stone heavily speckled and veined, reminiscent of actual stone found in nature. Upon close inspection, there are soft brown tinges to give Piazza Silver an extra touch of character. Finally there is Via Grey which is actually closer to taupe contrary to its name. The color of this tile is closer to the brown rock colors of Borgo Brown and Isola Beige only darker in color thanks to the dark grey and charcoal tinges mixed in with the brown rock. Thanks to their uniform look, this collection blends earth and contemporary looks seamlessly creating a gorgeous flooring collection.

The Interceramic San Giulio collection is available in two flooring sizes. There is the traditional 16"x16" which is just big enough to show off the beauty of each piece of tile while sticking to the classic tile format. There are even typical mosaic tiles to help complete the look with traditionally sized tile accents. The 12"x24" size is the typical contemporary format and for those that enjoy the contemporary look and feel of flooring. Whichever your preference, this flooring will easily wow with its earthy beauty.
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