Interceramic Amalfi Stone

Interceramic Amalfi Stone
The Interceramic Amalfi Stone ceramic flooring selection is a beautiful stone design that you would swear Mother Nature herself made rather than a flooring company. The colors and styles are simply stunning with their elegant, tasteful looks. If stylish, elegant, and modern is your dcor taste, then this style is for you.

This ceramic stone flooring design has 3 wow-worthy designs and colors for you to choose from, all offering seriously fabulous designs. Consider the Interceramic Amalfi Stone Bianco Scala hue. This beautiful design is composed of a soft, off-white color with deep off-white veining and white staining mixed with dark off-white. Together this tile produces a graceful marble look. Crema Vasari is a golden take on marble as it is composed of monochromatic golden tones veining and swirling together, creating a unique golden marble look. Noce Domenico is the darkest color variant in the collection as it is composed of a rich, chocolate color with intense veining and swirling happening throughout the design, giving you a truly artistic look to your flooring potential. Whichever your preference, you are sure to be getting something that is sure to give your setting a beautiful edge.

The Interceramic Amalfi Stone ceramic flooring collection comes in two great sizes for you to choose from. There is the contemporary 12x24 for those that enjoy rectangular tile shapes that lend themselves to the artistic nature of the stone. On the other hand, there is the traditional look that boasts a 16x16 size. This size is ideal for smaller project spaces as well as for those that enjoy a more traditional look. Luckily, this traditional size means its easier to fit tile wherever you want, too. However, both can compose a beautiful flooring design thanks to its highly attractive styles.
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