Inhaus Authentic Elegance

Inhaus Authentic Elegance

The Authentic Elegance collection offers a large range of unique, luxurious shades that embodies the beauty that natural wood exudes. Not only is this series striking, but itís also understated at the same time, creating an option that will fit any homeís interior design. These floors have moisture protection, so you can indulge in this series in any and every area of your home, including the spaces more vulnerable to dampness. These planks come with a 4-sided bevel and an AC4 wear class as well. This collection has a 10mm thickness, making it a durable and reliable choice, even in the most high foot-traffic places. Read on to learn more details about this stunning collection, and find the perfect color to fit your unique home.

Colors and Styles

Belleview is one of their shades that really embraces the authentic appearance of natural wood. From the bold pattern including a blend of chestnuts, charcoal greys, and creams, to the stunning etchings and engravings, this color doesnít disappoint. Another amazing option is the Penrose shade, which like the name would imply, has a beautiful and elegant rose undertone. If you are looking to add a touch of femininity to your home, Penrose is the way to go!

If you like natural and muted grey flooring, check out the Abbey and Goldstream colors. Both of these options magnify knots and grains throughout the design, and overlay stunning beige-grey hues. For a charcoal shade that has a blue undertone, be sure to consider the Highwood shade. These planks embrace silver and ice blue tones, which creates a very special addition to any home. Another beautiful option from this elegant series is the Amberwood option, which embraces honey and gold hues, making for a welcoming and friendly atmosphere in any space it fills.


Along with the incredibly beautiful designs, the Authentic Elegance collection comes with a 40 year residential warranty, and a seven year commercial warranty. QualityFlooring4Less wants you to truly enjoy these floors, so we always make sure to include the full manufacturer warranty.

If you want your home to feel luxurious and elegant, this stunning series should be at the top of your list. From the beautiful color palette, to the extreme durability and unbeatable warranty, the Authentic Elegant collection is the perfect choice to transform your home.

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