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IndusParquet Langania

IndusParquet Langania Hickory hardwood flooring

IndusParquet Langania Hickory hardwood flooring in this classic series offers an arrangement of lovely shades and an array of textures with a distinct natural aesthetic. The stunning hues of greys and browns offer uniqueness and a sophisticated style to any room. The texturized appeal makes this series exquisite and different from any classic style. IndusParquets wood series have flooring that is featured in some of the worlds most respected settings.

Color Variations

This collection featuring a Brazilian Hickory series offers six unique variations of colors. Ranging from dark brown tones and greys, these wood planks are uniquely designed with an elegance that exotic woods rarely have. For brown tones, the Capitano color is the darkest brown in the Langânia series. This textured flooring consists of a dark cherry aspect unlike any other. There is a certain richness that takes the dark reds so deep almost to a brown tone. Compared to the Hickory Bertrândé color, which gives off a slightly lighter appearance, contrasted by lighter brown streaks throughout. The one lighter shade that stands out is Pavano. Drastically different than the other options. This exceptional hue gives off a warm brown tone to extenuate its smooth design.

Grays are the dominating colorway in this series. Starting with the Affumicato displays a rustic shading layered with the dramatic dark brown tone and an underlying grey shadow in the light. In the Brezza, the distinctively greyest tone in the collection is distinctive in its ability to differ from light grey hues with dark grey lines.

The Hickory Cerbiatto color adds a much different dimension of brown and grey tones. This almond shade has an exclusive texture unlike the others. Taupe traditionally is a mixture between the two above colors and this might perfectly describe that blend.


The various sizes and structures of the Langania Hickory Hardwood, make it so that there are many options adjustable to best suit a room. This series colors are all crafted with an impressive 7 1/2” inch width and 1/2” inch in thickness. It also has a muti-ply construction so that the flooring may be fit to any room including basements. With the option to glue down, staple, or float above or below grade level, it makes for a simple installation process. The warranty is beneficial for twenty-five years residential and five years light commercial.
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