Florim Ecowood

Florim  Ecowood

Florim Ecowood Tile Flooring is a unique series that combines the amazing visual aspects of the naturally-inspired material with practicality, giving your beloved floors a traditional appearance with a strong, naturalistic appeal. This collection comes in an array of colors, and has come to fruition with state-of-the-art high definition graphic printing.

Not only does the Florim Ecowood collection bring residential spaces a modern, yet classical covering, but this series is also perfectly suited to bring commercial buildings the tasteful comfort of wood that will endure through years of wear and tear. This collection creates an intimate and warm atmosphere, blending a rustic finish with the natural shapes of colors of wood. This stunning, rustic, wood-look collection features a 40 percent recycled body and is available in two generous plank sizes 6x36 inches and a shorter 6x24 inch perfect for multiple design variations and patterns if you're looking to not only pick unique materials but searching for an exciting visual effect as well. A 6x12 inch cove base is available for trim in commercial applications.

In the collection, The Ecowood multicolor has a four-shade variety of a soft medium brown with a brushing of white, a darker richer brown dusted with a lighter tan under coat, a fresh cut of wood with a slight presence of being tossed around and a beige with a sanded off look of gray paint. One of the most unusual choices from this collection but the most unique with the color variations. The Ecowood Avorio is the lightest option a creamy blend of subtle ivory creams and grays. A pure brilliant color mixture filled with natural brightness. On the opposite end of the color spectrum is The Ecowood Wenge the most naturalistic looking design in the bunch. With a 6 x 36 sizing and a brilliant combination of dark brown and black, white makes a perfectly humble appearance in the palette. These high definition graphics are so detailed yet so unbelievably smooth. There are three other colors in the collection lighter Revere, medium-toned Nonce, and still darker Mix all blends of browns and grays.

A beautiful look of repurposed wood but in a clean new tile flooring without the splinters catering to an inviting atmosphere. Florim Ecowood Tile flooring provides the perfect base to build the residence or building of your dreams. With the flexibility to either install in commercial or residential spaces, this collection is a perfect example of why porcelain tile flooring is the best option for those in search of what's gorgeous and realistic, but also what's reliable.

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