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Florim Charleston

Florim  Charleston
Florim USA Charleston tile flooring collection is unlike any flooring collection youve ever seen in your entire life. Abundant and bold colors and shades splashed together in a striped concept that filters through the entire floor, this collection is a true originator as far as assemblages go. Each shade is focused solely on bridging old and rugged with modern and intricate. It dares while others conform. It questions the basics while others stick with it.

Traditional? This collection is anything but!

Florim USA Charleston Grey is a complicated blend of white and industrious rusted bronzes hidden underneath to bring forward a ravishing look that has yet to be duplicated by any other floor.

Like playing a game of hide and seek, Florim USA Charleston Multicolor physically and symbolically looks like The American Flag shockingly replaced red, white, and blue with dark tones such as chocolate brown, sky blue, and smatterings of caramel and beige. It holds a universal appeal with respect to a treasured piece of Americana.

Florim USA Charleston White is a blank canvas of several different blotches of white colors unevenly mixed together that creates an alluring and glorious floor that definitely stands on its own.

Though it only comes with three colors to choose from, it also offers Bullnose to increase its aesthetic value making the floors appearance even more appealing and beautiful. This collection also offers two sizes to make the floors pop with vibrancy; 36 and 3 x 36. If they look of patriotic stripes is a look you appreciate and adore, you will love this line of floors because it possesses this quality in a spirited and audacious way.

Your home or business will thank you for finally stepping outside of what is expected doing something stylishly different.

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