Floorte Valore/Valore Plus

Floorte Valore/Valore Plus

The Shaw Floorte Valore is the latest craze in luxury vinyl flooring – and how can it not be? You get more bang for your buck with this collection as it is the new “value” plank. What you’re getting with this vinyl collection is high definition with the printed look of real wood.

This luxury vinyl collection offers four of the most attractive colors and wood designs, which really highlights why this particular collection is so popular. In this beautiful collection, a mix of light and dark colors are available to whatever your tastes may be. Steering toward the darker selections there is the stylish Shaw Floorte Valore Roma. This luxury vinyl has a gorgeous rendition of greys and antiqued wooden colors that present it to have its own originality. Within its greys, you will see tinges of beige. These streaks of beige look as if they have been entirely weathered away over a majority of time, giving the plank to have a kind of rustic texture and expression to it. Meshes of taupe are also merged into the plank to really stretch this hardwood with a prestige presence. The knotting, cracks, and graining, highly create a stunning look that resembles the highest extent of hardwood.

Darker than the Floorte Valore Roma is the Valore Genoa. This hardwood plank deeply mixes in rich, antiqued colors of grey, charcoal, and dark brown, to present the planks to be perceived with an old, weathered blend. Although this color style on the palette might have an older appearance to it, it possesses an extreme unique and individualized character that makes everyone love it. Perfect for areas that consume light furniture colors, since the darkness of the floor greatly pops any lightness that is set near it.

Shifting towards the woodsier colors of color palette is the Valore Verona plank. This flooring color is not so much antiqued in appearance, but rather takes on a more comfortable rustic look. This rustic plank blends rich, dark browns with light brown tones, such as beige, to help it form itself to have an easy, and more natural wooden look than most. Light meshes of charcoal are also splashed into the mixture of the browns to add uniquely pastoral characteristics. Looks perfect within living rooms that want a more urban feel to it.

Parma is one of the darkest blends in the entire collection, as this wooden palette takes on a dark chocolatey brown visual. The dark browns and the charcoal meshes that are incorporated into the knotting, cracks, and graining of the wood, create a dark sense of boldness in any room, which is strictly alluring. Positioned in certain places, beige hues seem to make an appearance, giving the wood a worn, vintage look on top of its fascinating darkness. Kitchens and living rooms eat this color up, meaning, it fits just right to make an appealing statement to all.

The Shaw Floorte Valore luxury vinyl flooring collection comes in an easy size. The plank size is offered in a 6� x 48� look, making installation a breeze and presenting a visual that is considerably graceful. Apart from size, warranties are offered to both residential and commercial users of Floorte. The residential warranty offers a 15-year limited warranty while the commercial warranty offers a 5-year warranty for light use in a variety of different commercial areas.

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