Floorte Paragon XL HD Plus

Floorte Paragon XL HD Plus
The Floorte Paragon XL HD Plus collection offers a range of neutral, rustic flooring options that resemble the appearance of natural, hardwood flooring. Vinyl flooring gives you the beauty of hardwood floors with the durability and easy maintenance of vinyl. The Floorte Paragon XL HD Plus collection offers a range of wood, tile, and stone looks that will give your space a contemporary and stylish appearance.

The planks in this collection are Stone Plastic Composite. These are engineered luxury vinyl planks that use advanced technology in order to mimic the appearance of natural wood and stone. The SPC is 100% waterproof and incredibly durable.

The collection comes with Shaw’s ScufResist Platinum finish. This is a hardwood finish that is designed to actively resist household scuffing. This patented hardwood finish keeps your floor looking younger longer. When compared to the competition these floors stood up to scuffs six times better than the competition. The ScufResist Platinum comes with a lifetime limited wear warranty so you are able to live your life and not worry about day to day wear and tear.

Another way that this collection offers extra protection for flooring is with ArmourBead technology. Small ceramic beads combine with polyurethane coating to create a high resistance scuffing below the surface. This coating provides floors with five times more durability than a typical urethane surface.

Planks come in a size of 7” x 72” with a 20 mil wear layer and are 5.5 mm thick. When it comes to the installation process, planks can be installed using the float method. Planks can be installed above, on, or below grade.

When it comes to toxicity and the environment, these floors are FloorScore certified. This certification is the most recognized indoor air quality certification for hard surface flooring materials, adhesives, and underlayments.

The Floorte Paragon XL HD Plus collection comes with a lifetime residential warranty and a ten year commercial warranty.

The Collection

The Floorte Paragon XL HD Plus collection comes in a range of ten different colors to choose from. The collection offers a variety of brown tones to choose from as well as white and dark grey colors.

When it comes to lighter tones of flooring, this collection offers a range of options. Classic Oak is a stunning light blonde floor that it blended with tones of mid-tone browns. Natural Butternut is a slightly darker version of Classic Oak. Natural Butternut is a blend of darker tones of grey with a light blonde floor. The contrast of the two tones results in a floor that is rustic, warm, and inviting. This is perfect for kitchen or living room areas. Light Caramel Butternut is another flooring color that is similar to Classic Oak and Natural Butternut. However, the contrast of the dark brown and the light blondes is the most striking of the three similar flooring colors. Butterscotch Walnut has warm, light blonde tones mixed with mid-tone, warm browns. This floor is perfect for creating a warm and inviting tone in any household. Vintage Oak is a stunningly rustic floor. The variety of tones and the rugged and weather appearance to the floor create a flooring option that is rustic and worn.

When it comes to warm, mid-tone browns, the collection offers two different options to choose from. Hazelnut Oak is a blend of light blondes, light greys, and warm, mid-tone browns. The blend creates a floor that is rustic, worn, and has an antique feel to it. Brown Sugar Oak is a warmer toned floor. It is a blend of mid-tone browns, light browns, and grey tones that come together to create a warm, inviting flooring option.

Black Coffee Oak is the darkest flooring option in the collection. The floor is a blend of deep greys and mid-tone browns. This is perfect for adding a bold statement in any space.

Seashell White Oak is a rustic, weathered flooring option that is a blend of light greys and whites. Driftwood Oak is a slightly warmer version of Seashell White Oak.

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