Floorte Classico Plus

Floorte Classico Plus

Shaw’s Floorte Classico Plus WPC vinyl flooring collection has a full variety of 19 colors to choose from. Each plank is structured in a beautiful 6”x 48” dimension with a fold-and-go locking system for easy installation. Incorporated waterproof technology makes Classico Plus truly impervious unlike many comparable flooring products on the market. Its wood-plastic composite core prevents curling, cupping, and moisture damage that can plague standard luxury vinyl tile. Its Armour Bead finish further protects these planks from the elements, and the micro beveled edges provide classic hardwood visuals characteristic of mid-century construction.

Classic Colors and Styles

In the 19-color palette the Floorte Classico Plus collection holds, Bianco is a popular choice. This color style has a fresh white that is almost equivalent to shadowed snow. Pale greys and soft whites are genuinely mixed together to produce a marbled visual that is absolutely captivating. Unlike the whitewashed beauty style, Molo is one that has more of a light brown brushing to exude a more natural visual from repurposed wood. The amalgamation of light brown, beige, and hints of off-white really create a very modern and sophisticated appearance that is much sought after for residential applications.

Luce is completely different. Its cheerful, bright blonde golden hues that are intertwined with the yellowish outer color exemplify a very uplifting highlighted ambience of hope. This positive and optimistic color is perfect when placed in heavily lit areas such as kitchens, breakfast nooks, and foyers. Sunlight that hits the yellowish tan color tone greatly illuminates the floor’s true beauty.

Alba, on the other hand, has a fresher cut to bring out the deeper sides of vibrating yellows and natural wood knotting patterns. Latte is a beautiful mixture of white, pale grey, and light brown that brushes across each plank. Tramonto can easily give a reminder of a drying sunflower, deeper in a yellow tone but in a more embellished natural wood grain with outstanding visual texture. Oro is a deeper and darker brown with a swirl of a bold golden hue. This shade exudes aesthetics of a natural dark-stained wood that has acquired timeworn characteristics through exposure to weather and the elements. Grigio has an amazing light grey tone that can give a perception of stone-like features. Colori shines through with a harmonious flow of gold, medium brown, and yellows, making this an excellent choice for those who want a glorious combination of cheerful colors.

Pera holds a strong grey background with the perfect shading of a courageous brown that highlights the natural knotting of the wood print. Chiatta has a classic aged beachwood look with a powerful mix of flowing greys that range from light to dark. While Teak has a well-oiled soft and smooth-flowing wood graining like it was freshly sanded, Frutta is very similar to the Colori option but with a darker chocolate graining. With a darker touch of brown grains, Giallo has a soft, almost auburn touch that projects a unique sense of visual stability. Café has a slight look of water-worn concrete from years of snow and salt melting over the surface with its touches of whites, greys, and ultra-light tans. This is an excellent option for bringing a relaxing, peaceful appeal to your living space. The most delicious intertwinement of a milky chocolate and a deep dark brown is the Rosso option, which will without a doubt leave a true impression on a conservative, subdued layout.

Pontile has a deeper darker side of grey hues with black graining. Marrone can easily remind you of that strong cup of black coffee diluted with cream to show just the right ratio of browns. With its natural look of old wood, Antico has a farmhouse mix of greys and a subtle brushing of tan to show that feeling of realistic antiqueness.

Attached Underlayment: Quiet and Soft to the Touch

Floorte Classico Plus is offered with an attached backing, which is an underlayment that provides your flooring with a softer feeling underfoot and a sound-dampening property. It is this cork underlayment that really makes this product awesome and unique while still being available in all the same colors as the standard Classico collection.

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