Floorte Alto Plank

Floorte Alto Plank

The Shaw Floorte Alto Plank collection takes the best of hardwood flooring and applies it to WPC luxury vinyl flooring design, giving you an incredible replication of real wood floors without the stress of actual hardwood. Sure, you can have the real thing and we love it, but this Floorte option is friendlier to you in more ways than one as it comes in multiple styles: Alto Plank, Mix, HD Plus, Mix Plus, and Alto Plank Plus.

Alto Plank

The standard Alto Plank collection comes in 12 stunning colors that emulate the top species and colors of hardwood. The colors and styles are pretty hard to beat, such as the Carbonaro design. This option features a gorgeous amalgamation of almond wood colors streaked with hints of grey to give your space a calm atmosphere that is both stylish and comfortable. Pair it with furnishings that sport a darker shade in open living rooms. The almond hues in the plank will brighten any area it is set in, giving off a natural and homey vibe that everyone wants in common areas of their home. Another stunning color is Taburno. This plank has a beautiful blend of dark and light wood colors that are intertwined with hints of beige to present it to look as if it has an extreme amount of chocolatey hues flowing through it. Taburno does a great job of taking all its gorgeous colors of wood and blending them into a singular display that heavily creates a charming and inviting atmosphere. Each plank takes the classic look of natural wood within its knotting, staining, and grain patterns to make it a customer favorite. Cervati is another golden almond color of wood that primarily features almond and golden shades with hints of grey, allowing it to exude a not-so-heavy presence. This wooden rendition highlights the better qualities of wood with its sparse knots and gentle graining, giving it a smoother visual appearance. Floorte Alto Plank Cervati is ideal for bedrooms with light and dark accents, producing a vibe that is simultaneously content and bright.

Presanella is one that has a contemporary feel as it is composed of deep black coffee colors, greys, and taupe shades all rolled into one. This allows Presanella to have a very modern and trendy design. This Alto Plank color does a great job of mimicking the smooth graining and occasional knotting of real wood. It is very compatible with darker-colored products, and this bold and urban style is perfect when it comes to expressing its true individuality through living room spaces. On the other end of the design spectrum is Leone, which is a distinct interpretation of grey, weathered wood dotted with worn spots, and light off-white shades. This color is a perfect option for those that enjoy the combination of modern and vintage looks. Its flawless colors effortlessly give Leone a rustic look that is both exotic and highly memorable. Many designers prefer this option in rooms with wide open floor plans.

Caplone is one on the Floorte Alto Plank color palette that has a magnificent visual. It takes on rich natural wood with tans and chocolate-dark browns for an effortlessly flowing grain pattern. An outstanding choice for rooms that already are replete with wooden furnishings, Caplone will help bring out a uniqueness that is reminiscent of log cabins and winter homes secluded deep into the woods.

Shaw Floorte Alto Plank comes in impressive 8" x 72" dimensions and a 20 mil wear layer for extra durability against the elements. This large size allows for a no-trouble, no-stress installation while still being able to show off the incredible details found in real authentic wood floors. The Armour Bead finish further adds to these durable attributes, protecting against scuffs, stains, scratches, and moisture. Rated for light commercial use, Alto Plank comes with a 10-year commercial warranty as well as a lifetime limited warranty for residential applications.

Alto Mix and Alto Mix Plus

Floorte Alto Mix and Mix Plus portray the similar hardwood attributes that Alto Plank does, only with mixed widths and lengths for increased visual diversity as its name suggests. Mix Plus is so named because it comes with an attached underlayment, perfect for homeowners and designers who want extra soundproofing in their living spaces or those who need an underlayment and do not want to purchase it separately. The Calabria Pine style is one of our favorites for Mix Plus. While natural pinewood is incredibly beautiful, its application as a flooring is limited due to its low Janka hardness rating and porosity. With this color, you can enjoy the soft brown tones of pine without having to worry about denting or waterlogging the floor, as its 20 mil wear layer and waterproof WPC core prevents Mix and Mix Plus planks from succumbing to the elements. For a more exotic look, consider the Campania Jatoba option. The mixed plank widths and the high color variation truly bring out the natural appearance of exotic Jatoba wood that works well in modern and contemporary settings. Pair the alternating charcoals and dusty matted browns with black leather furniture to create a bold, sharp ambience in your living room.

Alto Plank Plus

Do you happen to own a sound studio or operate a call center? Perhaps the high ceilings in your home create too much echo. If you need a more soundproof floor for whatever reason, Alto Plank Plus is an excellent choice, as its built-in underlayment retains sound-dampening properties and creates a gentler, softer feel underfoot. Designers with traditional, rustic sensibilities love the Etna color option, with its dusty charcoal tones and speckled white streaking patterns for a dignified yet time-worn appearance. In contrast, Marmalada is a high-tone brown ideal for rooms that require abundant natural light, such as foyers, living rooms, and kitchens. The bright finish on these planks also work well in rooms with skylights and large wall-to-wall panoramic windows for an upbeat, welcoming atmosphere.

Alto HD and Alto HD Plus

As their names suggest, both Floorte Alto HD and Alto HD Plus take the best advancements in high-definition printing technology and apply it to their WPC vinyl floor planks to further enhance the realism of the Alto collection. The wave-like patterns and shades of greyish-brown in the Vercelli look so realistic that even experts have a hard time telling the difference between Floorte Alto planks and real hand-scraped hickory hardwood at first glance. For something darker, Torino is a deep charcoal shade that creates sharp accents when paired with off-white furnishings and light fixtures. The neutral matted bluish-grey shades of Biella are idea for matching with nearly any interior design motif, so this is a great option if you're not quite sure what to do with your home d

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