Engineered Floors Bella Sera

Engineered Floors Bella Sera
The Engineered Floors Bella Sera collection is made up of soothing, dark and bold colors. These flooring options will pair well with any interior design style and make the perfect backdrop to a space.

The Bella Sera collection falls under the Triumph collection in Engineered Floors. Triumph flooring is engineered waterproof flooring. These floors are made to withstand day to day wear and tear. Each plank is engineered with a durable top layer that protects your floor from scratches and wear. The Bella Sera collection is made with pets and kids in mind, so you'll never have to worry about your floors being damaged. Each plank is finished with ceramic bead in order to further prevent scratches and damage. When it comes to dents, these floors also have high indentation resistance.

When it comes to installation, these floors are easy and fast to install. Installation can be done using the float method and can also be installed over existing flooring. For floors that are easy to install and easy to maintain, the Bella Sera collection is the perfect flooring option.

The Bella Sera collection comes with a ten year commercial warranty and a lifetime residential warranty.

The Collection

The Engineered Floors Bella Sera collection has six color options to choose from. This stunning vinyl collection comes in a range of colors from deep brown to light grey. Each floor has a rustic appearance to it that can add character to a space. The floors are made to have a real wood look and feel. Each plank has high definition visuals and embossing, making them perfect if want to add the look of real hardwood to your space but have the benefits of vinyl flooring. Verona is a medium tone brown that is mixed with dark brown to create a rustic looking flooring option. This floor can be paired with neutral furniture to create a bold contrast in any space. Palazzio is a deep, dark brown. This is the boldest and darkest flooring option in this collection. Tuscany is a very dusty, rustic, subdued floor. With light grey throughout and light, ashy brown, this floor has an antique feel to it that gives any space character. Milan is a very light grey that pairs well with contemporary home décor and a more minimalistic design. Marrone is a blend of light grey and medium tone greys. This blend creates a floor that is perfect for adding an elevated yet soothing feeling to a space. Florence is another light grey that has a soothing effect on a space.

See something you love? Give us a call at 510-698-5142. We can answer any questions you may have about the Bella Sera collection or flooring in general. If you would like to see more flooring options from Engineered Floors, be sure to check out their other collections here.

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